Z.E.D. CORP.zombie elimination & disposal

Z.E.D. Corp strives to eliminate zombie populations with minimal loss of civilian life and property damage. We want you to feel like we care about your family and your town. We may not be cheap but we just might be your last hope.

Q: "Is this serious?"
A: Dead serious. If you've never seen undead combat then consider yourself lucky. We do this because others can't.

Q: "Why have I never heard of Z.E.D. Corp. before?"
A: Until now Z.E.D. was strictly military "black ops" contracted. When our contract expired we decided to go public (it's a long story). 

Q: "Isn't fighting zombies dangerous?"
A: Yes. Yes it is. We've lost a few good men since our formation 10 years ago but we are the best at what we do.